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Beyond Borders

In various places of the world, yachts are among the most popular watercraft for navigating the oceans and seas. Yachts are popular with wealthy people, professional sportsmen, and tourists from all over the world. They range in size from large vessels that are over 130 feet long to smaller ones that are just 33 feet long.

Yacht design is a very complex procedure since these ships need to be made to endure moderate winds. They are also constructed to be as light as they can be without jeopardizing their structural integrity. They need to give all the conveniences of a fully equipped spacecraft while only taking up around 25% of the usual area. Yacht design and building is an interesting and difficult industry due to all these difficulties.

As VisionF Yachts, we create innovative, exciting yachts that stand out with their distinctive designs in every harbor to which they are linked and that expertly weave every aspect while utilizing the most recent technology to expand your luxurious life
and desires. With the tagline “Vision of the Future,” VisionF Yachting, which builds customised boats for those who desire to enliven their freedom at sea with aspirations, has an uncommon, timelessly inventive framework.


VisionF Yachting, which brings a unique breath to the yachting industry by producing self-contained yachts, which develops the boats of dreams with the motto of Vision of the Future, combines technology with craftsmanship, is innovative, originality and silence are at the top of the list of priorities. With the new VF 101 joining the Power Catamaran range, it offers both sailing and motor yacht options.
The VF 101 is a bespoke yacht designed for safe cruising at all times. This ultramodern catamaran with an impressive stance is to provide an environmentally friendly yachting experience that combines free living space with reliable performance and extraordinary privileges. Equipped with the latest technology, VF 101 stands out from all catamarans with its power, offering a safe marine life with its comfort, spacious living spaces and solid aluminum hull.


With its cutting-edge technology, potent performance, and distinctive appearance, the new model VF 101 from VisionF Yachts redefines the limits of the power catamaran market sector, transforms the power catamaran concept, and raises the bar for cruising pleasure.

By optimizing spaces and volumes, VF 101, which has every feature that will make its owner feel fortunate, introduces a new VisionF style. The VisionF 82 offers large, open living rooms with a length of 30.3 meters and a width of 12.8 meters. With a 1.00 cm draft, it is also able to approach even shallow sites with ease.

As you go into the room, an aesthetic structure that resembles an art museum that you may customize to your preferences greets you. The 55 square meter hall has a dining table for 10 to 12 people on the port side, leather-covered seats and seating groups on the starboard, laminate flooring, Alcantara wall coverings, and other elegant features.

Every outside surface is expertly constructed from genuine Teak wood and equipped with a premium surface treatment. VisionF 101 provides a tranquil vacation opportunity at any moment with its vast interiors and broad windows that let you take full advantage of the sea view.

Located in the center of the VisionF 101 is a lavish kitchen with integrated equipment. According on your preferences, the kitchen may be placed in the yacht’s center, lower, or top areas. The kitchen has a fireproof and scratch-proof countertop, a refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine. The ceiling and walls are coated with marine leather. With the option of a 4-person dining table, the VF 101’s kitchen offers all the conveniences of home together with goods from the most well-known companies in the world.

In the roomy master cabin, which has several cabinets and functional drawers, various layouts may be made on an optional basis for the bed and dressing rooms. The bathroom contains two basins, a rain shower, and a spacious, opulent shower. You will feel at home wherever you go because of the roomy master suite in VisionF 101.

The flybridge, which is accessible by steps from the aft cockpit, has a refrigerated bar counter, control console, seating space, and sun loungers where you may take in the lovely breath of the wind. In the yacht’s seating and sunbathing spaces, waterproof and sunray-proof materials mix style and comfort.

With its 10 guest cabins, VisionF 101 enables you to entertain large groups of visitors. in a welcoming setting in the spacious part with plenty of space. On the boat, which provides 4 different guest cabin options as an option, high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship are evident in every little detail, and the vast storage spaces concealed in the cabins are a wonderful benefit for the users’ comfort. The VF 101’s big and roomy living quarters go beyond the traditional boat design.

The engine room is just below the cockpit and has two 7 kW and 27 kW generators, two strong Volvo Penta IPS engines, a gangway, an air conditioner, and a watermaker. At an efficient speed of 14 knots, the yacht’s 4 x Volvo Penta IPS 1050 engines consume 40 to 50 liters of gasoline per hour. There is a seating area with cushions and space big enough to accommodate a boat that is 3.40 meters long. The telescopic crane, which can revolve around itself, makes it simple to transport marine vehicles like boats and jet skis to the boat and lower them to the right spot. With the use of aluminum to lighten the catamaran and a lithium-ion battery pack that enables it to operate silently for six hours during the day and eight hours at night with the help of solar panels, the boat is also ecologically friendly and quiet. With a 1 meter draft, it can even access shallow areas.



Boat / Craft Type Catamaran Pleasure Yacht
Certification RINA – HULL , MACH
Length Over All (Loa) 29.9 m
Length of Hull (Lh) 29.9 m
Length Between Perp. (Lbp) 29.9 m
Length on Waterline (Lwl) 29.9 m
Beam Over All (Boa) 12.8 m
Beam of Hull (Bh) 4.3 m
Depth (D) 3.35 m
Draft (d) 1.0 m
Hull Material Aluminium
Propulsion 2 x VOLVO IPS 1350
Maximum Speed 17 Knot
Lightship Displacement 90 t
Loaded Displacement 107 t


Fuel 15 m3
Fresh Water 4 m3
Waste Water 2.7 m3