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Yachts are one of the most common vessels to cross seas and oceans in some parts of the world. From ships nearly 130 feet long to smaller versions just 33 feet long, yachts are favored by elite members of the community, competitive athletes and tourists from around the world.

Designing a yacht is an incredibly delicate process because these ships must be built to withstand reasonable winds. In addition, they are made as light as possible without sacrificing structural strength. They must provide all the amenities of a full ship while using less than a quarter of the normal space. All these challenges make yacht design and construction an exciting and challenging field.

As VisionF Yachts, we manufacture original, dynamic yachts that draw attention with their unique design in every marina where they are connected, and that weave every detail with professional craftsmanship, using the latest technology to extend your luxury life and dreams. VisionF Yachting, which creates personalized yachts for those who want to embellish their freedom at sea with dreams, has an unusual, timeless innovative structure with the motto of Vision of the Future.


Via Group makes Turkey live the firsts in every field it invests in and continues to be the pioneer of innovation in the maritime sector, with the VisionF brand, with an advanced engineering approach, and by producing luxury yachts that are ahead of time for each individual customer in the Power Catamaran segment. VisionF offers its customers an environmentally friendly yachting experience with one of its newest models, the VF 82. Attracting the attention of sea lovers with its unique design and details that do not compromise on luxury, the VF 82 stands out from all catamarans with its power, offering a safe marine life with its comfort, spacious living spaces and solid aluminum hull.


One of the most distinctive features of the VF 82, the new model of VisionF Yachts which produces yachts that attract attention in every marina they connect to, is its innovative and original design. VF 82 has all kinds of details that will make its owner feel privileged, representing the harmony of the relationship between symmetry and asymmetry. With a length of 23.9 meters and a width of 9.9 meters, VisionF 82 offers spacious and wide living spaces, and with its 0.80 cm draft, it provides the opportunity to approach even shallow areas easily.

When you step into the VisionF 82, a large cockpit with an eight-person dining table, seating group and barbecue bench welcomes you.
When you enter the hall, you come across an artistic structure like an art gallery that you can shape according to your liking. In the 55 square meter hall, a dining table for 10-12 people on the port side, leather-covered chairs and sitting groups positioned on the starboard, Alcantara wall coverings and laminate flooring play an important role in the elegance of the VF 82. All exterior surfaces are furnished with a quality surface coating specially made from original Teak wood. VisionF 82 allows you to enjoy the sea view to the fullest thanks to its wide Windows and offers a peaceful holiday opportunity at any time with its spacious spaces.

In the middle of the VisionF 82, there is a luxury kitchen with built-in appliances. You can position the kitchen in the middle, lower and upper areas of the yacht according to your wishes. In the kitchen, where the ceiling and walls are covered with marine leather, there is a fireproof, scratch-proof countertop, refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher and a washing machine. The VF 82’ kitchen offers an optional 4-person dining table option, providing the comfort of home with the products of the world’s most famous brands.

In the spacious master cabin, which has many wardrobes and useful drawers, different layouts can be created optionally for the bed and dressing areas. The bathroom, which has a large and luxurious shower, has a rain shower and two sinks. Thanks to the large and spacious master suite of the VisionF 82, you will feel like you are at home wherever you go.

You can enjoy the sweet breeze of the wind with a refrigerated bar counter, control console, sitting area and sun loungers on the flybridge, which can be reached by stairs from the aft cockpit. Both aesthetics and comfort are combined with waterproof and sunray-proof fabrics in the sitting and sunbathing areas of the yacht.

VisionF 82, with its 8 guest cabins, allows you to host your crowded guests. Geniş ıslak hacimlerin yer aldığı misafir kabinlerinde geniş pencereler sayesinde rahat bir ortam sağlanmaktadır. On the boat, which optionally offers 4 guest cabin alternatives, quality materials and careful craftsmanship stand out in every detail, while the large storage areas hidden in the cabins provide great convenience for the comfort of the users. The VF 82 goes beyond the classical yacht concept with its large and spacious living spaces.

VisionF 82 is a power catamaran with a unique design and strong body, as well as a very special engine power. Equipped with 2 Volvo Penta IPS 800 engines, the VF 82 offers the power that those with leadership in their spirit are used to. Fuel consumption 40-50lt/hour at economical speed (13 knots)



Boat / Craft Type Catamaran Pleasure  Yacht
Certification CE – Design Cat A
Length Over All (Loa) 24.6 m
Length of Hull (Lh) 23.9 m
Length Between Perp. (Lbp) 23.8 m
Length on Waterline (Lwl) 23.8 m
Beam Over All (Boa) 9.9 m
Beam of Hull (Bh) 3.4 m
Depth (D) 3.2 m
Draft (d) 0.8 m
Hull Material Aluminium
Propulsion 2 x Volvo IPS800
Maximum Speed 21 knot
Lightship Displacement 55.7 t.
Loaded Displacement 69.7 t.


Fuel 10 m3
Fresh Water 4 m3
Black Water 1.3 m3
Grey Water 1.3 m3