VisionF 80 NG


One of the most noticeable aspects of the VisionF Yachting are the external design lines that give the boat a captivating attitude. The VisionF 80 Firstline features a striking design that makes use of the nobility of black. The boat nearly resembles a black swan, with all kinds of features that will make its owner feel rich. The VisionF 80 Firstline offers exceptionally vast living areas and the ability to approach anyplace with ease because to its length of 23.9 meters, width of 9.7 meters, and 0.80 meter draft.


With a 54-square-meter hall, the VisionF 80 Firstline has the finest aesthetic appeal. With its contemporary design that represents you, it offers you the chance to experience one-of-a-kind moments. It features a couch set that is comfortable for 10, a modern dining table for ten people, strong sound systems, and alcantara wall coverings. Firstline provides a nice vacation with its spacious places and the opportunity to take in the sea view owing to its huge Windows.

The large cockpit that welcomes you where you take your first step into the VisionF 80 Firstline is one of the most special areas of the boat. The dining table for 8 people in this section provides comfort beyond the ordinary with its resting area and wide door opening to the living room. When you enter the saloon, you will better understand how special a boat it is. The Alcantara wall coverings play an important role in the elegance of the boat, with a dining table for 10–12 people located on the left side of the 54-square-meter area, leather-covered chairs, and L-shaped seating groups positioned on the right side of the saloon. Offering the chance to enjoy the sea to the fullest thanks to its wide windows, VisionF 80 Firstline promises a peaceful holiday with its spacious spaces.

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