VisionF 82 ALU


In various places of the world, yachts are among the most popular watercraft for navigating the oceans and seas. Yachts are popular with wealthy people, professional sportsmen, and tourists from all over the world. They range in size from large vessels that are over 130 feet long to smaller ones that are just 33 feet long.

Yacht design is a very complex procedure since these ships need to be made to endure moderate winds. They are also constructed to be as light as they can be without jeopardizing their structural integrity. They need to give all the conveniences of a fully equipped spacecraft while only taking up around 25% of the usual area. Yacht design and building is an interesting and difficult industry due to all these difficulties.

As VisionF Yachts, we create innovative, exciting yachts that stand out with their distinctive designs in every harbor to which they are linked and that expertly weave every aspect while utilizing the most recent technology to expand your luxurious life and desires. With the tagline “Vision of the Future,” VisionF Yachting, which builds customised boats for those who desire to enliven their freedom at sea with aspirations, has an uncommon, timelessly inventive framework.

With the VisionF brand, a cutting-edge engineering approach, and the production of luxury yachts that are ahead of their time for each individual customer in the Power Catamaran segment, Via Group makes Turkey the first in every field in which it invests and continues to be the innovator in the maritime industry. With one of its newest models, the VF 82, VisionF provides its clients with a yachting experience that is ecologically responsible. The VF 82 stands out from all catamarans with its power, capturing the interest of sea enthusiasts with its distinctive design and features that don’t sacrifice luxury. It also offers a safe maritime environment with its comfort, big living areas, and sturdy aluminum hull.

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